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EWW boats are authorized to carry a maximum of 12 people, under no circumstances will this capacity be exceeded.

Passengers are covered by liability insurance

Access on board with inappropriate footwear (heels), alcoholic beverages, sharp elements, or weapons of any kind is prohibited.

During the excursion, the captain of the boat is the authority figure and has the right and the duty to modify the conditions of the excursion if he sees fit or necessary. Passengers must follow their recommendations, at all times.

All dangerous or reckless behavior, as well as any xenophobic, homophone, or any type of disrespectful behavior towards other people is prohibited.

Passengers will always ensure the care and respect of the marine environment, and will not throw any product overboard, nor will they touch, harass or scare any animal, or any other form of existing life.

EWW is not responsible for the loss or breakage of any personal or electronic effects on board our boats.

Out of respect for other users, it is requested that they attend the excursion 20 minutes before the departure time. Refunds are not made in case of not arriving on time at the time of departure.

We have life jackets for people between 10 and 130 kilos in weight


Sunscreen (despite having a roof, it is recommended)

Sunglasses, a hat, a garment for the season, in winter a sweater or jacket

EWW does not offer drinks or food on board, but it is allowed to bring drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks

People prone to seasickness in boats or cars are recommended to take a pill against seasickness half an hour before departure.

EWW respects the rules at all times imposed by the corresponding authorities, with respect to the COVID 19 crisis, passengers will be informed of the obligations to which they were indicated, such as a mask, use of disinfectant gel, or those that were in that moment.


EWW boats are of the semi-rigid type, equipped with comfortable seats, even so, people with back, neck or other problems are warned of the risk involved in sailing on fast boats, as well as pregnant women.

We have life jackets for people between 7 and 130 kilos, people who are not in these margins should choose another type of boat.

People with reduced mobility must communicate their situation so EWW can evaluate their participation in the excursion.


At EWW we are not friends to guarantee sightings because we consider that we are in a natural and wild environment, and we also believe that those people who want a 100% guarantee on sightings, unfortunately should go to a place where they are locked up, playing the clown with balls, as are zoos. But with the intention of being competitive in a sector in which some companies offer it, we are forced to enter into these strategies. So that in those tours in which we cannot observe a single cetacean, we will offer all passengers the opportunity to return with us on another excursion, free of charge, as long as they can find common dates. In case of not being able to choose a suitable date, you will be given a voucher, valid for one year, to return and choose the date.


EWW vessels have the authorization of the Cabildo de Tenerife, the Blue Flag distinctive, which regulates vessels with permission to carry out said activity and the rules to carry it out, so that these rules will always be respected, in distance of approach. , time and form.


In compliance with Law 7/1995, of April 6, on the Canary Islands tourism management (BOC48, of 04/19/1995), the following information is made available to users and the competent bodies.


Changes of date and time will be admitted free of charge within 48 hours prior to the departure time of the excursion.

In the case of a private excursion, the change or cancellation period will be 7 days prior to the departure of the excursion.

ECOWHALEWATCHING WILL NOT REFUND the amount of the reservation for all cancellations made in less time than mentioned in this section.

In case of not showing up at the meeting place at the time established when making the reservation, ECOWHALESWATCHING will not refund the amount paid and will proceed to collect the remaining amounts, in case some payments are still pending.


EWW reserves the right to change or cancel excursions in the following cases:

Adverse weather conditions (warnings will be given as far in advance as possible)

In case there is not a minimum occupancy of 4 places

Any circumstance in which a safe development of the excursion cannot be guaranteed.

In these cases they will be offered alternative dates, or the refund of the amount paid.


This guarantees that the personal information you send has the necessary security. The data entered by the user or in the case of requiring a validation of the orders will not be delivered to third parties, unless it must be disclosed in compliance with a court order or legal requirements.

Subscription to advertising email newsletters is voluntary and could be selected when creating your account.

Ceincal Tenerife, SL reserves the rights to change or modify these terms without prior notice.

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