Whale and dolphin watching in Tenerife

Maritime excursions in Tenerife
Are you ready for adventure?

Boat authorized by the

Canary Islands Government for the

whale watching

At EWW we have more than twenty years of experience in activities related to the sea, both above and below the surface.

We have the firm conviction that the only way to protect the oceans is to make each person count, that each person join in this fight for protection and conservation. The best way to respect, love and protect, is knowing "you only love what you know"

At EWW we are ready to turn each of our clients into an advocate for the oceans, how? Making you fall in love with the ocean, how? By introducing you to these unique wonders, offering the possibility of learning what its inhabitants are like, how they live, how they relate, what they eat, listening to how they communicate, we have a hydrophone on board.

Guaranteed 100% Sightings

We guarantee that you will not leave without enjoying the company of our whales and dolphins

We have a hydrophone on board

We have a hydrophone with which you can listen to the sound of the cetaceans

STOP Plastics

Help us clean the ocean. We have a network with which we collect every plastic garbage that we find floating

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