The percentage of sightings in the Canary Islands is remarkably high. The most common species that can be seen are the Pilot Whale and the Bottlenose Dolphin, resident species in the area, as well as other species called transients such as the Spotted Dolphin, Striped Dolphin, Rropical Fin Whale ... and more. 

In the southwest of Tenerife, the pilot whale and the bottlenose dolphin reside permanently, these are the most likely cetaceans to spot, but it must be said that more than 30 species of cetaceans have been observed in the Canary Islands, it is a passage area for many species of whales and dolphins, so it is easy to find large groups of spotted dolphins jumping and swimming around the boat, fin whales passing through, even killer whales, on some occasions.

Turtles, great variety of seabirds, flying fish, needles jumping over the water as the boat passes

At EWW we are not friends to guarantee sightings because we consider that we are in a natural and wild environment, and we also believe that those people who want a 100% guarantee on sightings, unfortunately should go to a place where they are locked up, playing the clown with balls, as are zoos. But with the intention of being competitive in a sector in which some companies offer it, we are forced to enter into these strategies. Thus, in those tours in which we cannot observe a single cetacean, we will offer all passengers the opportunity to return with us on another excursion, free of charge, as long as they can find common dates. In case of not being able to choose a suitable date, you will be given a voucher, valid for one year, to return and choose the date

Sunglasses, hat, sunscreen, despite going indoors, you always have to protect yourself from the sun and the wind.

A light garment, if the day is not very sunny, a good sweater (in winter).

A swimsuit and a towel on snorkeling excursions.

EWW boats are semi-rigid type, the probability of getting seasick is much lower than in other types of boats, however if you are prone to seasickness in cars or boats, it is recommended to take something against seasickness half an hour before departure.

No, people with serious back, neck, or head problems should report their condition to assess the situation, as well as pregnant women, despite having comfortable seats, they are fast boats and can move violently.

Yes, giving at least 48 hours notice.


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