Eco Whale whatching Tenerife


Eco Whale whatching Tenerife
C / Puerto Colon - local 130 38660 Adeje, Tenerife


22 Sep 2023


Canary Islands Time (GMT + 0)
9:00 am - 11:00 am


from 45 euros per person

Sighting departure 9:00 a.m. (2 hours duration)

2 hours duration!

Two-hour outings, in which we go to the area where the depth of the ocean reaches 1000 meters, between two and three miles away, that is where the majority of sightings occur. With our boats, being fast boats, a greater search area is covered in less time, hence the high success rate, reaching 100 % on optimal days of visibility. Once in the area, we head south, very attentive to the blows and fins that appear on the surface, they are the Pilot whales, residents of these waters, the protagonists of our excursions, but encounters with turtles are also very common. marine, bottlenose dolphins, which are also residents, spotted dolphins, various types of seabirds, as well as any other inhabitant of the area, it is incredible the emotion that one feels when seeing the enormous jet of water from the blowing of a fin whale…. .

At the height of Los Cristianos, we approach land, right on the cliffs of the palm grove, where we pass by an interesting aquaculture operation, in which there is usually a great variety of seabirds, such as Herons, Cormorants, Terns, yellow-patted gulls , shearwaters, plus turtles and dolphins

The return to port we do it along the coast, enjoying the views of the coast of Tenerife.

Hydrophone on board to listen to the different species

We have two boats with the Blue Flag, authorized by the Canary Islands government for whale watching. They are 8-meter semi-rigid boats, with state-of-the-art outboard motors, increasingly respectful of the environment. They have comfortable seats for all passengers, and a roof for those who do not want to spend the whole excursion in the sun. They are fast boats, which allows us to cover larger areas in less time, and they are very stable, which makes seasickness something anecdotal.

Guaranteed 100% Sightings

We guarantee that you will not leave without enjoying the company of our whales and dolphins

We have a hydrophone on board

We have a hydrophone with which you can listen to the sound of the cetaceans

STOP Plastics

Help us clean the ocean. We have a network with which we collect every plastic garbage that we find floating


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